• Haldimond - Septic balancing tank and tertiary treatment units
  • Milton - Waterloo Biofilter flat beds discharge to sand bed
  • Ancaster - BioNest and Type A bed installed to service century home
  • Burlington - BioNest level 4 treatment units installed
  • Stoney Creek - Area bed used with BioNest to create smallest septic bed possible
  • Ancaster - Another septic leaching bed installed
  • Burlington - BioNest level 4 treatment units installed and backfilled
  • Stoney Creek - BioNest tertiary treatment unit employed to create smallest septic bed possible
  • Copetown - Infiltrator septic leaching bed
  • Milton - Septic system installed on Niagara Escarpment
  • Greensville - Building sand up for filter in septic tile bed
  • Milton - Two septic tanks discharge to siphon chamber to Waterloo Biofilter flat beds
  • Ancaster- Distribution pipes on Type A dispersal bed
  • Hamilton - Infiltrator chamber septic bed installed
  • Jerseyville - Placing filter sand over scarified earth for raised sand filter septic bed
  • North Dumphries - Siphon chamber feeds distribution box
  • North Dumphries - Infiltrator septic bed, suitable for sloped site
  • North Dumphries - Distribution boxes ensure even distribution on sloped site
  • Greensville - Moving topsoil over septic tile bed
  • Hamilton - Area bed septic field, distribution pipe detail
  • Waterdown - Conventional filter septic field installed on small lot
  • Milton - Enjoying the view while installing septic fields
  • North Dumphries - Installing infiltrator chambers
  • Greensville - Area bed and BioNest
  • Ancaster - Installing Infiltrator septic leaching bed
  • Greensville - Sand scarified into wet clay to prevent smearing during septic tile bed construction
  • Stoney Creek - BioNest and Area bed creates smallest possible septic drain field, graded and seeded
  • Ancaster - Traditional sand mound filter bed
  • Ancaster - Distribution pipes installed in filter tile bed
  • Burlington - Replacement septic leaching bed - Waiting for rain for grass seed to germinate
  • Burlington - Installing sand for Type A dispersal septic field
  • Burlington - Replacement septic tile bed, graded and seeded
  • Milton - Installing Waterloo Biofilter
  • North Dumphries - Steeply sloped site can be utilized for septic leaching bed
  • Stoney Creek - Gravel installed in area bed
  • Haldimand - Large septic filter bed installed for custom home
  • Millgrove - Installing infiltrator septic bed
  • Haldimond - Septic treatment units installed to service church
  • Burlington - Septic advanced treatment and shallow buried trench
  • Millgrove - Backfilling Infiltrator chamber septic bed with dozer
  • Haldimond - Septic flow balanced to service church and reuse leaching bed
  • Flamborough - Installing level 4 septic treatment units
  • North Dumphries - Sloped site overcome for quality septic install
  • Burlington - Installing septic lateral to new tank
  • Hamilton - Distribution pipe detail on Type A dispersal bed
  • Milton - Placing advanced septic treatment units
  • Ancaster - Moving topsoil for septic tile bed construction
  • Waterdown - Filter septic field placed into native sand
  • Jerseyville - Raised sand filter septic bed installed for custom home
  • Waterdown - Poly septic tanks and pump chamber installed with limited access
  • Greensville - Distribution pipe installed in septic tile bed
  • Brant - Installing Waterloo Biofilter advanced treatment units
  • Burlington - Septic shallow buried trench leaching field
  • Flamborough - Type A dispersal bed and BioNest installed on the banks of Grindstone Creek
  • Milton - Installing septic advanced treatment units

We design, install, service and repair all types of septic systems, from residential to institution properties.  We can provide you with everything you need to get you through the permitting process for your construction project.

We are licensed by the MMAH and are members of the Ontario Onsite Wastewater Association.  We have extensive experience in dealing with the Niagara Escarpment Commission,  the Halton, Hamilton, Niagara Peninsula, Grand River, Long Point and Credit River Conservation Authorities, as well as dozens of local municipalities.

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We offer informed, professional and knowledgeable septic solutions from design of new to rehabilitation of older systems; we can service your septic needs.  Contact our office for solutions to your septic problems.